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Julian Sink

Julian Sink, age 17, has been drawing and painting with his grandfather for many years.

Julian spends summers in Alaska working at the fish processors, selling knives in the Homer Galleries and weekly Homer farmers market, traveling, drawing, painting, and viewing wildlife. He loves learning about Alaskan animals and the wilderness. Julian designs and creates utility knives featuring Alaskan wildlife and sea life. The knife designs are inspired by photos he and his grandfather have taken.

My Story

The knife handles are created using a variety of antler sheds (moose, elk, deer, caribou).  Each handle is carefully selected, cut, cleaned, shaped, and polished.  The image is hand drawn by Julian.  Next, the image is laser cut, scrimshawed, painted with ink, and sealed.  The knife blade is then connected sea life with epoxy to the handle and placed in a handmade leather sheath.  The remaining antler parts are used to make various items like Toothpick holders, salt/pepper shakers, buttons and antler points buttons for tying the knife down on the sheath.

Julian seeks to highlight the wonders of the Alaskan wilderness and its magnificent beauty.  He loves creating knives and sharing his art with others.  He also shares a deep respect for the environment and Alaskan wildlife and sea life. He also loves flyfishing and Halibut fishing.


Julian takes great pride in creating art, as well as useful tools.  Thank you for choosing Julian’s artwork.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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