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When I was a young man, Andrew Wyeth was the first watercolor painter I ever learned about. I was moved by the emotion he painted into ordinary objects and everyday people. I also studied John Pike and Ted Kautzky copying everything I could find.  Just as Austin Kleon says in “Steal Like an Artist”.


From the moment I started using watercolor, I could understand this was my kind of medium.  Much of my work is based on the learning I have received from studying Wyeth and other artists, borrowing and developing that knowledge into my own style.  I have been fortunate to study under dozens of contemporary artist and I always learn something new. 

Art allows people to see new things in ways that they may have missed. I use simple and thoughtful brushwork, design, color, light, shape, space, and shadows in hopes that my viewers look beyond the subject and the lines to create a story near to their heart.  They might imagine what the subject has experienced and been part of over time.  

People feel different as they look at art, each person’s thoughts and feelings are unique, much like their fingerprints. Many people see the same painting, yet each person has their own story and feelings to go with that moment.

Painting now into my seventh decade, I continue to learn and teach, fail and succeed. I am sure I will never do the “perfect” painting, but I will always strive to accomplish this goal in every painting it do.


Bruce has been painting since he was only six years old.  He is now into his seventh decade and he continues to refine his skills.  He has worked in several mediums including sculpture, carving, stain glass, but he focuses his work on painting.  He is accomplished in oils, acrylic, however, he has a love of watercolor.  

Bruce has exhibited in many shows including the American Watercolor Society NYC 2019, National Watercolor Society Long Beach CA 2011, Arizona Watercolor Society Phoenix AZ, Ohio Watercolor Society Columbus OH, Ohio State Fair, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Mesa Arts Center AZ, Glendale AZ Art Exhibit, Hawaii Art Reach Exhibit and many others.


Bruce has also served on the board of many art organizations.


In June 2019 and 2016 Bruce was Artist in Residence for the Alaska State Parks Department at the Earnest Gruening State Park in Juneau Alaska.  In 2015 he won the American Fisheries Society poster contest for the international annual meeting held in Homer Alaska. Bruce has won many awards for his work and was in the Wildlife Art Magazine in Nov 2007.


Bruce recently completed 14 murals for the Pinal County Family Advocacy Center.


He is a member of American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Kachemak Bay AK Watercolor Society, and Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild and is a signature member of Arizona Watercolor Association.

Bruce is president elect for Arizona Watercolor Association for 2019-20

Bruce has taught many workshops and volunteer teaches for Veterans and survivors of suicide



Bruce studied art at Columbus College of Art and design, Scottsdale Artist School and has taken workshops from more than a dozen nationally recognized artist.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree.



Bruce focuses his work on control of light, color, texture and composition to create dramatic images.  He has a passion for nature, is an avid outdoorsmen and has traveled globally extensively, even spent 3 weeks in the Arctic Circle.   


Bruce loves to teach workshops from beginner through the very skilled painters.  He himself continues to study and learn about art from other accomplished artists. Composition, design, colors theory, light and pattern are extensive and he understands that you must continue to grow so that your art can express feeling and emotion to the viewer.


His work is sold in several art galleries, on his website and studio. Bruce has lived in many parts of the United States (Alaska, Arizona, Maryland, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, and Texas) and he now makes his home in Arizona and Alaska with his wife Mary. 

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